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“ The photograph A Quick Rest
                                                                             in Les Beaux has fascinated

                                                                             me since I first saw it. Two
                                                                             naked bodies, like sculptures
                                                                             in the sand, and behind them a
                                                                             motorcycle that tells us stories
                                                                             of adventure and freedom. Will
                                                                             McBride’s bold photographs

                                                                             often show erotic scenes, but
                                                                             at the same time they can
                                                                             have an inherent melancholy.
                                                                             Therefore, this photograph is
                                                                             an absolute highlight for me.”

                                                                              ANN A  ZIMM
          Lot   91 ,   WILL   M c BRIDE                                       Photographs Specialist

         P                         I                      C                         K                          S

                                                                             “ During his time in Paris André
                                                                               Kertész produced Surrealist-

                                                                               inspired explorations of the
                                                                               female body, using an antique
                                                                               funhouse mirror from the
                                                                               Marché aux Puces. The effect
                                                                               varied considerably. Some
                                                                               areas of the body were

                                                                               grossly enlarged while others
                                                                               were rendered realistically.
                                                                               I love the way Kertész forces
                                                                               the viewer to think about
                                                                               his / her way of looking at
                                                                               the human body.”

                                                                              JOH ANNES  FABER
          Lot   6 ,   ANDRÉ   KER TÉSZ                                        External Specialist

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