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“ Magnum member Ernst Haas
                                                                         knew how to focus his Leica

                                                                         on the stylish facets of his
                                                                         surroundings. It is the certain
                                                                         coolness and elegance that
                                                                         I like about the photograph.
                                                                         You can almost hear the jazz
                                                                         music and big city buzz on the

                                                                         streets of 1950s New York.
                                                                         It’s no surprise that these
                                                                         shots made him a pioneer of
                                                                         color photography.”

                                                                          ALEXANDER  SEDL AK
      Lot   41 ,   ERNST   H AAS                                          Managing Director

     S                         T                        A                         F                        F

                                                                        “ Viviane Maier’s bizarre
                                                                         appearance as a shadow

                                                                         image in a surrealistic scenery
                                                                         immediately attracted my
                                                                         attention. It is emblematic of
                                                                         her entire work. She appears
                                                                         out of nowhere and leaves
                                                                         the viewer with a smirk. So

                                                                         do her insightful photographs
                                                                         of odd situations and people
                                                                         covered with a touch of humor.”

                                                                          CARO LINE
                                                                          GUSCHELBA UER
                                                                          Auction Management /
      Lot   64 ,   VIVI AN   M AIER                                       Photographs Researcher

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